About Dana


•     Has run Sungarden's business operations since its founding in 2011
•     Main contact for client contracts and processing for ETFPortfolios.com
•     Previous career in wholesale commerce in NYC
•     B.A. degree in French and Spanish from Union College
•     Masters in English as a Second Language from Rutgers University


•      Hails from New York
•      Rob Isbitts' clearly "better half" since 1992
•      Mother of 3 adult kids and 2 adult cats
•      Devotes a part of every day to exercising
•      Avid fan of reading, crossword puzzles and Jeopardy

Dana Isbitts co-founded Sungarden® with her husband Rob and managed the firm’s client service area. As our mission and team have transformed, she currently divides her time between marketing and business operations for Sungarden and ETFPortfolios.com. 

Dana is a graduate of Union College (NY), earned an MEd at Rutgers University and has held leadership positions at several non-profit organizations. She and Rob are the proud parents of a son and two daughters(and a son-in-law), as well as two cats.