Why Us?

a message from Rob Isbitts, Founder and Chief Investment Strategist

During my 30+ years in the investment business, that industry has changed dramatically.  Many investors now manage their own portfolios.  Those who choose to work with financial advisors rely on those professionals to guide their portfolio management approach.  Regardless of which route someone takes, the one thing we all now confront: the investment market environment is potentially more complex and emotional than I can remember.  The internet, zero-commission trading, instantaneous news flow, and algorithmic investing are just some of the reasons.  It is a challenging time for any investor, professional or otherwise.

That's where we come in.

Sungarden: Process over Product

While much of Wall Street is still one big "product push," Sungarden Investment Publishing was created to take a distinctly different path.  Our mission is to simplify, organize and modernize the investment process.   We are here to fill the gap between the sameness and scale-driven offerings of the big firms, and having to figure it all out yourself.  We are NOT in the business of providing personalized advice.  But we ARE here to help investors of all types consider an alternative approach to getting what they want out of their investment portfolio.  We'll explain our philosophy, process and methodology, as well as our current thinking.  You decide for yourself what to do with that information.

Rob Isbitts

Chief Investment Strategist

I haven't seen it all...but I've seen a lot!

Since my late father taught me to chart stocks at age 16, to my first job as a portfolio assistant in the World Trade Center in NYC, through roles at investment advisory firms as Chief Investment Officer, partner, founder, portfolio manager, researcher, and client advisor, this is the only industry I have worked in.  And I love it!  During the last 10 years of that journey, I founded and ran a boutique high net worth investment advisory firm, Sungarden Investment Management.

As we grew Sungarden, I came to realize that the industry was making all of us "choose sides."  You could either cater to clients (advisor), or manage portfolios at the "model" level (investment strategist). Seeing this writing on the wall, I recruited and developed my long-term advisory succession team, and sold the practice in 2020, to focus full-time on investment strategy and research, and applying my experience to a wide variety of investors.

Sungarden Investment Publishing, ETFPortfolios.com and our other tools and resources can help investors thrive, not just survive, with the confidence that comes from having a disciplined, consistent, time-tested investment process.

Welcome to Sungarden, and to ETFPortfolios.com.

Our Team

Rob Isbitts

Chief Investment Strategist

Dana Isbitts

Client Manager

Samita Thephasit

Financial Advisor