Why Us?

a message from Rob Isbitts, Founder and Chief Investment Strategist

During my  30+ years in the financial advice business, that business has changed dramatically.  Today, advisors have to work so hard just to be advisors!  That makes it tougher to balance the needs of clients, operational burdens, and the demands of managing a business.  Just as importantly, independent financial advisors must meet increasing requirements of regulators around maintaining a disciplined investment process, researching securities and managing client portfolios.  That's a lot of hats to wear!

That's where we come in.

We are on a mission to simplify, organize and modernize the investment process for financial advisors.  We are here to fill the gap between the sameness and scale-driven offerings of the big firms, and you having to do it all yourself...because you need more time with clients, not more time with analytical portfolio software, or trying to guess what the market will do next!   Why should you consider that?  Cost pressures, client demands, chaotic markets, for starters.

Rob Isbitts

Chief Investment Strategist

About Sungarden and ETFPortfolios.com

Same firm, different label

I know where you've been...because I lived it for decades. Since my late father taught me to chart stocks at age 16, to my first job as a portfolio assistant in the World Trade Center in NYC, through roles at RIA firms as CIO, partner, founder, portfolio manager, researcher, AND lead client advisor, this is the only industry I have worked in.  And I love it! During the last 10 years of that journey, I founded and ran a boutique high net worth investment advisory firm, Sungarden Investment Management.  

As we grew Sungarden, I came to realize that the industry was making all of us "choose sides."  You could either cater to clients (advisor), or manage portfolios at the "model" level (investment strategist). Seeing this writing on the wall, I recruited and developed my long-term advisory succession team, and sold the practice in 2020, while retaining the investment model-management role.

That allowed me to take what made Sungarden a successful, innovative, highly-profitable boutique investment practice, and create an environment where fiduciary financial advisors can cater to their clients, and find new ones. Importantly, they could do this with more confidence. Why? Because they know that when it comes to the very thing that drives much of their revenue (AUM-based fees), they have a true collaborator, to help them manage the investment part of their practice.  

In other words...

An Advisory Service for Financial Advisors

That's ETFPortfolios.com. Here, you can do it your way with our coaching, or "copy" what we do. Either is fine with us. We're just here to help.

Because after spending over 3 decades advising high net worth clients, building traditional and alternative investment strategies, and communicating the value of a disciplined, differentiated investment process, I wanted a way for advisors learn from my mistakes, and my successes along the way.  After all, I built, grew and sold a practice without resorting to 3rd party managers, stock tip sheets or wholesalers.  

My team and I built ETFPortfolios.com so that financial advisors can learn to "own" their own investment process. If you do that, you can build an asset that adds value to your practice.  It can differentiate you among your peers, attract referrals, and position you as an indispensable resource to your clients.  At at time when advisors must take on new, well-financed competitors, ETFPortfolios.com tools and team can help you thrive, not just survive.

I am living proof that if you do that properly, you and your clients will be happy, your profit margins will remain healthy, and you will add to the value of your practice when you eventually decide to sell it.

Welcome to Sungarden, and to ETFPortfolios.com.

Our Team

Rob Isbitts

Chief Investment Strategist

Dana Isbitts

Client Manager

Samita Thephasit

Financial Advisor

Extended Team

ETFPortfolios.com and Sungarden Investment Management are supported by Dynamic Wealth Advisors (DWA), a Registered Investment Advisor with more than $2 Billion Under Management. DWA's leadership team, pictured below, oversee a team of more than 20 professionals in the area of compliance, systems, operations and trading.

Jim Cannon

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Craig Morningstar

Chief Operating Officer

Cherie Jolly

Chief Compliance Officer

Jim Palumbo

Principal & Chief Development Officer